Fully customizable. adapts to you.

Customize your switches to get the specific tactile feedback that you desire! Change them anytime you want and make your keyboard adapt to each of your fingertips.

The Raise keyboard has hot-swappable mechanical switches. You can have multiple combinations of switches of your preference. For example, you can have Clicky switches for all of your hotkeys, and Linear for the others. You can even have a complete different set of switches, one set for coding and the other for casual gaming or typing. The choice is yours!

Use your RGB backlight and underglow to show which layer you’re on and to learn where your shortcut keys are.

The Raise’s backlight and underglow are helpful tools. You can assign a different backlight color to any individual key or group of keys. For example as the Raise does not have a numpad, you might have a numpad layer that you turn on with one of the extra under-row keys. You can have the keys that are not active go dark, and the numpad keys light up. This can help reduce the time it takes to learn a new layout.

The software that runs on the Raise keyboard is a new open source firmware called Kaleidoscope. You can find out more about it here. Its plugin-based architecture makes it easy to write your own functionality and extend the keyboard’s uses.

Efficient and effective coding.

You can code more efficiently with fully configurable layouts, and create as many custom key combinations that you need.

With the Raise’s versatile configuration software, you can create different layouts and toggle instantly between them. Every key in every layout is remappable, and any key can be a macro with its own RGB backlight color. You can configure keys to have special functions, i.e. pressing a key once, several times or holding it.

You can also customize layouts for specific applications. Most applications allow the use of shortcuts, and if they don’t, with Raise you can easily program a custom macro to get the function you want with a single key.

Have access to more keys with minimal finger movement with the Raise’s 8 customizable thumb keys. Rebind critical hotkeys to the thumb keys for easier access.

Having the thumb keys gives you easier access to the modifiers, and allows you to switch layers or activate plugins. You can move the Control key to be one of the thumb keys and have a second layer toggled (or momentarily activated) by two of the under-row keys. These extra keys are yours to configure in whatever way is more effective for you when coding.

Code comfortably.

Reduce strain on your wrists, hands, and shoulders as you keep them in a neutral position. Because of the ergonomic split design, you can use your keyboard to work and code more naturally and comfortably. If you take care of your health and comfort, you improve your productivity.

Instead of conforming your hands to the keyboard, the Raise conforms to your frame and the natural way your hands are positioned. Splitting the keyboard allows you to position each half to however you desire.

Learn more about Ergonomics

Avoid wrist extension and strain with the integrated palm rests and palm pads. Code longer without fatigue by bringing your wrists and shoulders to a more neutral angle.

Palm pads are detachable and easy to clean too! You can clean and wash your palm pads after hours of coding.

Superior and durable Build-quality.

The Raise is made with one of the most resistant and premium quality finishings, anodized aluminium. This not only gives your mechanical keyboard an everlasting lifespan, but also gives it a smooth and cool feeling.

Since all the switches are removable, you can upgrade your mechanical switches on the fly.

Having the Huble independent from the keyboard has a great advantage as well! It can be easily updated if needed.

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