Ergonomic Split KEYBOARD

Dygma Raise is an ergonomic split keyboard that allows you to work more comfortably while maximizing productivity.

Raise - Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Ergonomic split keyboard design

Using the keyboard for long hours throughout the day can be a strenuous task.

Ergonomic split keyboards are designed with specificity to adapt to the position of your wrist, hands, and shoulders while typing.

Instead of conforming your hands to the keyboard, the Raise conforms to the natural way your hands are positioned.

Raise is a split keyboard. It has two independent pieces, so you can move each part until your hands are aligned with your forearms. This will give you a neutral angle and avoid possible injuries.

Improves Posture

You can adjust the width between the two halves, placing them in front of your shoulders to reduce internal shoulder rotation.

The split design will help you type in a position you’re most comfortable with.

Adapts to your body angle

Normal keyboards force the wrists to bend towards the pinky side of our hand. When splitting the keyboard, you can rotate each half to your desired angle of use.

The Raise’s ergonomic split design helps decrease the strain on your wrists or hands as you keep them in a neutral position.

Raise - Ergonomic Split Keyboard benefits

Reduces wrist extension

Wrist extension occurs when you raise your wrist above the plane of its neutral position.

The Raise is built with a low-height design. It has an 18-millimeter height with a 3-degree angle of tilting from the back to front.

Integrated palm rests and palm pads

The ergonomic function of the palm rests and palm pads are to elevate the wrists to a more neutral angle. This provides comfort and reduces wrist extension.

The palm pads are removable. The top material is made of PU skin.

The bottom is made of silicone, which allows the palm pads to stick to the keyboard. The palm pads can be washed and cleaned.

8 Thumb Keys

The Raise is an ergonomic mechanical keyboard that sees the potential of the strongest yet least used finger, the thumb. The thumb’s dexterity is capable of handling multiple keys.

A normal keyboard has only one key for the thumb, -that is the spacebar. The Raise has divided the spacebar into 4 keys and has added 4 extra keys underneath them. The extra 4 keys are called the under-row.

The under-row keys are low-profile switches, which means that they are slightly lower (2 millimetres lower) than the rest of the keys. This ensures that even though you bottom out the spacebar keys, you won’t accidentally hit the under-row keys.

Function-wise, you can use all 4 keys as a spacebar, or assign any key to have the function you desire. Our configurator software allows you to remap any key.

Remappable keys

Every key in every layout is remappable.

This enables you to create as many custom key combinations that you need when using the Raise.

Efficient natural movements

You can work more efficiently by programming your keys or a sequence of keys to do repetitive tasks that you do on a daily basis.

This can speed up your workflow tremendously.

Reduce unnecessary movements

You can configure any key to be a macro with its own color. Y

ou can even configure keys to have special functions, i.e. pressing a key once, several times or holding it. 

Raise - Ergonomic Split Keyboard gamepad


With the Raise, you can detach either half of the keyboard, and only use the other half.

This way, you’ll have the flexibility of using your keyboard the way you want to use it.

Free space for what you need

Using half of the keyboard will give you more space for your mouse.

This feature is also uniquely beneficial to left-handed gamers.

Choose the color, switches, and keycaps that fit your needs.


Included: free travel case, free shipping, and more goodies! Delivery date June 2020.

Choose the color, switches, and keycaps that fit your needs.


Included: free travel case, free shipping, and more goodies! Delivery date June 2020.