With all the information that we’ve received from our backers, and with all the information we have gathered from our research and development, we’ve decided to remove the hub from the Huble.

In our previous update, we asked you to answer a short survey for you to choose your preference with design of the Huble. These were the results:


I prefer removing the hub and having a thinner cable.


I prefer keeping the hub with the thick cable.


Both options are fine.

To gives you guys context, originally we wanted a hub with a thin cable. But we realised that a hub with a thin cable wouldn’t be 100% reliable because of power issues.

Razer and Corsair cables in comparison to the original cable of the Raise – Huble to computer.

3D prototype – old Huble vs new Huble.

So we had those 2 options mentioned above that was voted on.

If we decide to use a thicker cable to accommodate the hub, the cable will tower over the Huble. And since the Huble is a very small piece, chances are it will get flipped around easily especially with a thick stiff cable.

It’s ok for other bigger gaming keyboards to have thick cables, but for the Raise, the user-experience would be much better if the cables were streamlined with the Huble and the keyboard.

We also believe that the new Huble is more aesthetically integrated with the cables. It is better for the general industrial design of the product.

Just two weeks ago, Manel went to Shenzhen, China to go over the developments of the Raise keyboard with our manufacturers. (We will post another update on Manel’s trip next week!) They evaluated the hub-less Huble and concluded that the manufacturing process will be slightly similar to that of the original Huble, but simpler. Thus, it will also reduce some potential risks.

Having a hub in the Huble with a thin cable couldn’t guarantee 100% reliability, and having a thick cable to accommodate the hub compromises the user-experience, comfort, and high-quality that we are aiming.

As a company, we believe that removing the hub is the most well founded solution. Since there will no longer be a hub, we had the idea of changing the Huble’s name to the Neuron.

The new Huble, Neuron, will be more aesthetically integrated with Raise and its cables. Its design reduces complexities in manufacturing; it is more reliable. And it gives a higher quality of the user-experience.

We understand that this decision might be a deal-breaker for some of our backers, so we are willing to compensate for this in any way possible.

A BIG BIG thank you to everyone who has helped us in this process. We know that it has been a constant back-and-forth of updates and surveys and comments. But your feedback has been paramount in our decision.

We truly hope that you will love our product as much as we do.

Backerkit: Survey update


For those who pre-ordered a Dygma Raise in Kickstarter:

Important: We changed the lockdown date of the survey to July 31. It is no longer June 15, 2018. So you can still make changes to your order! Make those additional purchases that you’ve been thinking of!

Also, there are still some backers who haven’t completed the survey so for those people who haven’t, make sure you’re on it! The estimated date when we charge your credit cards for the Add-Ons will be after the lockdown date.

Estimated delivery date: September-October.

For those who pre-ordered a Dygma Raise in Indiegogo:

You will soon be receiving the survey that will ask for your Raise color, switches, and keycap language! If you want to learn more about the different mechanical switches that we offer, head over to Mechanical Switches. The keycap languages that we offer are:

  • EN US (ANSI layout)
  • EN UK (ISO layout)
  • German (ISO layout)
  • French (ISO layout)
  • Spanish (ISO layout)
  • Nordic (ISO layout)
  • Japanese (ISO layout)

Estimated delivery date: October-November.


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