Hello everyone!

Manel arrived from China last Friday. He brought with him a few Raise keyboards that were from the T1 and T2, some extra components, and loads of photos and videos!

We still need to organize the resources and compile them into a more thorough update.

So expect another report with the developments of the Raise keyboard soon!

In the past 2 weeks, Manel visited our manufacturers in China and made sure all Raise components were ready for the T-off.

If you remember the manufacturing timeline we posted in our previous update, the T-off is a milestone. It’s when we validate that components are ready for mass production.

Some components have already been approved and are in the T-off, while there are still some that need modifications. But we are close to validating everything.

One issue we have now is the Chinese New Year coming up. It will be almost a month of holidays for the factories in China. So we are pushing our partners to work extra this week!


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