It’s been a month since we launched the DVT. The DVT is really important because this is the trial run of mass production. Everything needs to be working correctly. This goes for manufacturing and the assembly line.

As expected, there were some quality control checks that needed some attention over the past few days, especially with the electronics. And together with last month’s Chinese holidays, consequently, mass production was slightly pushed to June.

Manel, our Product Manager, will be present in China during the assembly of the first 50 samples of the Dygma Raise next week! Hopefully, if everything is perfect, we can launch mass production. Fingers crossed!

Mass production is imminent so now is the time to pre-order your Raise (if you haven’t yet) and tell your family and friends to do so too!


COMPUTEX is one of the biggest ICT and IoT shows in the world and it will be held in Taiwan on May 28 – June 1. The event will showcase the latest technologies in AI, IoT, 5G, Blockchain, gaming, and XR. 

Manel is attending this event and hopefully, we can get more exposure or at least widen our knowledge and network in the world of information technology. He will be filming his trip and the event so expect another cool video from us then! If anyone’s interested in learning about COMPUTEX, you can check it out here: https://www.computextaipei.com.tw


We will post another update soon and talk about updates on the configurator software and our exciting plans for the first 50 samples of the Dygma Raise keyboard, so stay tuned! 

And don’t forget, we are still creating our surprise gift for all of you! Just to show our appreciation for all your support! We will tell you more about this after the DVT. 

Thank you everyone!

– Dygma Team


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