Hi there guys,

Here’s a short recap of what’s been going on in Dygma in the past few days.

The Huble

We have been working and testing the prototypes of the Huble.

Currently, we have been working in:

  • The industrial design is finalized, now we are working on the DFM (design for manufacturability) with the factory in Shenzhen.
    • Doing a lot of testing with the usb hub specifications.
  •  Working on the connection of the aluminum lid to the plastic base without using screws.
    • To reduce amount of parts.
    • To make the Huble look more beautiful and slick.
  •  Working on the light effects.

Prototyping Packaging Concepts for the Raise keyboard.

We would like to test the idea of selling the keyboard, the keycaps, and switches in different packages.

Reason being is that this KB has removable switches, and some backers have asked for different switches and also different keycap languages. We will teach you how to fit and remove them properly.

This can enhance the UX and create a culture in our community.

We haven’t finalized this idea yet. We would like to test it with a few of our backers and of course, with you guys!

Dominique’s interview with Manel about the Body of the Raise keyboard

Many of you have been fascinated with the unique build of the Raise keyboard. In this video, Dominique asks Manel some questions about the characteristics of the body of the keyboard: its finishing, the molded structure, how it’s assembled, and how the electronic components are connected.

The road ahead

We are currently working on a new design for our website!

In the new site, you will be able to pick your switches, keycaps, and language, and buy your customized Raise keyboard from there!

We also intend to give you more interesting content about your mechanical switches and the many benefits of an ergonomic keyboard.

So stay tuned!


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